Centro de Estudos de Promoção e Educação para a Saúde<br>FMH<br>Universidade de Lisboa
Centro de Estudos de Promoção e Educação para a Saúde
Universidade de Lisboa

    Margarida Gaspar de Matos, Emmanuelle Godeau, Tânia Gaspar


    Address: Estrada da Costa 1499-002 Cruz Quebrada, Dafundo Portugal

    Phone: +351 214 149 100



The Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (FMH), of the Universidade de Lisboa, has already completed a long 75 years’ journey. We have changed our name, from INEF to INEF, and since 1989 we are FMH. We have even changed our institutional culture several times; we have welcomed new students, new teachers, new researchers, and new non-academic staff. We have evolved, and this has allowed us to improve at national and international level. And yet, our foundation matrix has always been present: to work to boost the triangle of education, sports, and health, and thus becoming more efficient and adapted to reality, serving people and society.

The future of an institution is built based on its history. It is built arm-in-arm: honoring the past, valuing the present, and building the future. Hence, the vision we have for FMH crosses the socio-historical knowledge of its past (75 years) with the characterization of its current situation, in the broader context of belonging to the Universidade de Lisboa, and focusing on the three pillars of its mission, i.e., its educational offer, research, and community service.

We work daily to deepen our goals as a leading research Faculty, by beating the challenge of linking teaching to research in order to attract more and better students.

At FMH, we focus our activity on the students – hey are the primary target of our action. We invest to provide them with the best conditions to learn and to develop values that will transform them into excellence professionals.

In our vision for the future, FMH will be the leading research Faculty among its national peers, and, simultaneously, one of the best at European level, where people work productively with each other, in an organization at the service of the students, of knowledge, of all who work here, and of society in general.

Professor Alves Diniz
Dean of FMH