CENC – Center of Sleep Medicine
CENC – Center of Sleep Medicine

    Teresa Paiva, Paulo Gaião, Cátia Reis, Gabriela Videira, Teresa Rebelo Pinto, Dulce Neutel, Sara Madeira, Mariana Chaves, Ana Santa Clara, Joana Vaz Castro, Ana Viegas, Vera Ramos


    Address: Rua Conde das Antas, nº5 1070-068 Lisbon Portugal

    Phone: +351 213 715 450



The private clinical activity in CENC started in 1983. The Sleep Medicine Center, in terms of PSGs started in 1998 and in terms of patient observation around the year 2000. The full Sleep Center was organized in 2005. The work integrates a multidisciplinary team with the most recognized disciplines in Sleep Medicine and a sophisticated Sleep laboratory.

The Sleep Medicine Center is officially recognized as a Research and Innovation entity, and it is included in the European Research Laboratories Network promoted by the ESRS. It has also been recognized by the Psychologist National Association, by ISPA and by Escola Superior de Educação de Tecnologias da Saúde as competent for pos-graduate training.

In order to promote Portuguese Brazilian collaboration the CENC- Sleep Medicine Center promoted a award for published work in international peer review journals achieved by researchers or clinicians of both: The Florbela Espanca Award, now in its 4rd edition.

The quality and diversity of patients and recordings of the CENC- Sleep Medicine Center has allowed the execution of PhD and MSc thesis, both in Medicine and BME, in the last years, based on our own material and facilities. The present total is 3 PhD completed and 2 currently developing and 34 Master thesis in Medicine, Biomedical Engineering and Informatics).

The editorial and scientific direction of the site is the responsibility of Professor Teresa Paiva, medical neurologist specialist in sleep medicine. Content creation is developed by a multidisciplinary team in the field of psychology, journalism and culture.

Sleep or the lack of sleep is of utmost importance in one’s life. It is essential for our well-being, our health, our daily functioning, our cognitive thinking and rational decisions, our emotional balance and global equilibrium. Sleep relevance is beyond individual needs: it is also essential for Societies; therefore, it is also the collective patrimony of cultures which, through philosophy, science, arts, literature, journalism and laws have always studied and portrayed it in search of unveiling its mysteries.

This perspective is the focus of iSleep.