Ana Allen Gomes

Licensed psychologist, Associate Professor at the University of Coimbra (FPCE-UC)

Ana Allen Gomes, licensed psychologist, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education of the University of Coimbra (FPCE-UC), holds a PhD with a thesis on sleep, academic achievement and well-being in undergraduates (University of Aveiro), a Master Degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Clinical Psychology (FPCE-UC), and had developed clinical competencies in sleep disorders at the University Hospital of Coimbra (1996-2002).
She was assistant professor at the University of Aveiro, where she directed the undergraduate degree in psychology, created a Sleep Psychology Consultation for students, and started the laboratorial unit Sleep and ChronoLab. Board member of the Portuguese Sleep Association 2011-2013.
Currently at the FPCE-UC, and member of the Research Unit CINEICC, she conduct sleep-related research and teach courses on psychopathology, cognitive-behavioural therapies, and psychological interventions on sleep disorders.
She has been team member, as well as principal researcher, in several funded research projects, and supervised master degree and PhD dissertations. Her main current research interests include morningness-eveningness, as well as normal and disturbed sleep from a psychological perspective.

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