Carolina Maruta

Clinical Neuropsychologist in Biomedical Sciences (Neurosciences) from the Faculty of Medicine

Clinical Neuropsychologist, with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Neurosciences) from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon. Maintains clinical and research activities at the Laboratory of Language Research of FMUL and CENC – Sleep Medicine Centre.
Invited Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Human Sciences of UCP and Invited Coordinator Professor of Neuropsychology at Escola Superior de Saúde de Alcoitão.
She also collaborates with the Master/PhD Programme in Neurosciences of the FMUL. Her current research interests focus on normal and pathological aging (dementia) as well as in the relationship between sleep and cognition.
Collaborates in several national and international research projects with several foreign institutions (including UCL and Universidad de las Americas – Ecuador) as well as in clinical trials.
Authors and co-authors several papers and also peer-reviews scientific publications.
Member of the executive committee of the Behavioural Neurology Section of the Portuguese Neurology Society and member of the Brain Aging and Dementia Study Group.

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