Clara Pinto Correia

Science & Society Research Center BÚSSOLA

My name is Clara Pinto-Correia. I started teaching Embryology at the Lisbon Medical School in 1986, and started directing my first Masters Program in Developmental Biology in 1995. I’ve also been vice-president and adviser of several Masters and Ph.D. thesis, and by now it’s been thirty years of this life I really cherish.
I’ve been a journalist during many years I am a writer, a biologist, and a historian of biology, with much work done at the United States, where lately I teached a seminar course in History of Ideas. So far I have published 56 books of all sorts, 3 of them research projects published in the US.
My most recent publications are Fear, Wonder, and Science in the word of reproductive biotechnology, co-authored with Scott Gilbert, and Todos os Caminhos, a novel.

Photo By: Vitor Duarte, 2017