Helene Bastuji

University of Lyon - France

Born in France in 1955, MD degree from the University of Créteil and PhD degree from the University of Lyon. Head of the sleep unit at the Neurological Hospital of Lyon and member INSERM, U1028, Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, Central Integration of Pain Unit, Lyon, France. Author or co-author of 52 international publications and 27 didactic papers. Member of the Scientific Committee of the European sleep Research Society (2001-2004).
General Secretary of the French Sleep Society (Société Française de Recherche et Médecine du Sommeil) (2005-2009). Main research interests: sleep and cognition, central integration of sensory information during human sleep, sleep and pain.
- S. MAZZA, C. PERCHET, M. FROT, GA. MICKAEL, M. MAGNIN, L. GARCIA LARREA, H.BASTUJI. Asleep but aware? Brain and Cognition, 2014, 87 : 7–15
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- Bastuji H, Frot M, Perchet C, Magnin M, Garcia-Larrea L. Pain Networks From the Inside: Spatiotemporal Analysis of Brain Responses Leading From Nociception to Conscious Perception. Human Brain Mapping 2016 Jul 8. doi: 10.1002/hbm.23310.
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- Claire Bradley, Hélène Bastuji and Luis Garcia-Larrea. Evidence-based source modeling of nociceptive cortical responses: A direct comparison of scalp and intracranial activity in humans. Human Brain Mapping. SEP 2017. doi: 10.1002/hbm.23812

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