João Carlos Winck

Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade do Porto – Portugal

Coordinator of the Respiratory Medicine Unit of Alfena-Valongo Private Hospital and Braga Centro Private Hospital (Trofa Saúde group), leading two Sleep Labs (3 beds)
Consultant of the Northern Rehabilitation Centre Cardio-Pulmonary Group (CRN-SC Misericórdia do Porto)
Researcher at the Instituto de Inovação e Investigação em Saúde (I3S)-FMUP-Porto-, group Metabolism, Nutrition & Endocrinology
Affiliated Associate Professor, Porto University
Secretary of Group-02.02-Noninvasive Ventilatory Support of the European Respiratory Society
Highlights of previous positions: In charge of Sleep Respiratory Disorders Clinic and Non Invasive Ventilation and Sleep Laboratory 1998, Pulmonology Service, São João Hospital –Porto. (Average number of new OSAS patients/year: 1000)
Assistant Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Porto Medical School, Porto University- 2003. Habilitation in the Discipline of Medicine (Pulmonology-4th Year) in 2006. Invited Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine, 2011. Co-Director Portuguese «School of Ventilation» (partnership with Philips and Gasin) from 2007-2009. Medical Director, REMEO, Linde AG, Pullach-Germany-May 2013-May 2015
In addition to medical degree and respiratory medicine residency in Porto (Graduation in Medicine 1985, Respiratory Medicine Residency 1988-1992) in 1991 had-Pulmonary Fellowship (3 Months) – Respiratory Medicine, Brompton Hospital, London and Respiratory Medicine, City Hospital, Edinburgh
Speaker/chairmain in 116 Medical Conferences (48 International), co-author of 162 presentations in scientific meetings (72 International). Co-author of 96 papers in peer reviewed international journals, 10 book chapters (5 International), winner of 13 Investigation awards, national investigator of 2 European Commission Research Studies (EUROPASS and QLK6-C1-2000-00375).

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