Marc Blumen

Centre Medical Veille Sommeil -Paris / ENT department of Foch Hospital -Suresnes

Marc Blumen was born in1966 in Marseille (France). Medical studies in Marseille Residency in ENT and fellowship in Paris (1990-1998). Research fellow in Stanford university with Prof Guilleminault (sleep clinic) and Dr Powell and Riley.
Clinical research on various subjects in sleep: radiofrequency, Surgery, oral Appliance, Sleep in Bed partners, Drug induced sleep endoscopy
Clinical research on physiology and sleep: muscle fatigue
50 papers in French and international journal.
Participation in an European project: TOSAFES in electrical stimulation for the treatment of OSA.
Currently working in a private sleep center (founder), Centre Medical Veille Sommeil (Paris, France) and the ENT department of Foch Hospital (Suresnes, France)