Mariana Chaves

CENC – Center of Sleep Medicine – Portugal

Degree in Nutritional Sciences (2008) and registered nutritionist, expert in clinical nutrition focusing on sleep disorders and cancer.
Joined the research team of the Metabolism and Nutrition Unit of the Molecular Medicine Institute (Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon).
Provided nutritional counselling and support to cancer patients (4 years in exclusivity), covering all cancer types, multiple treatments and several other diseases frequent across these patients (e.g. diabetes, obesity), developing personalized nutritional plans in a context of complex nutrition needs.
Started nutritional private practice 6 years ago and started working with Professor Teresa Paiva on patients with sleep disorders (covering mostly sleep apnoea and narcolepsy, but also other disorders frequently concomitant, such as insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders).
Works as a member of a multidisciplinary approach to the patient, focusing on improving weight, body composition and developing healthy nutritional habits, as enablers of the overall treatment.

My Sessions