Marta Gonçalves

CUF, Porto – Portugal

MD Psychiatry with a Master's Degree in Psychiatry and Mental Health- University of Porto School of Medicine; Currently PhD student in Public Health in University of Porto. Invited teacher of Sleep Medicine for the Doctorate Degree in Clinical Neurosciences, Neuropsychiatry and Mental Health- University of Porto Medical School.
Certified Expert Somnologist – 2012, ESRS. Sleep Medicine Competency by the Medical Association 2014. Member of the Commission for Sleep Medicine Competency nominated by the Portuguese Medical Association in 2012. Scientific Consultant of the National Program for Respiratory Diseases (sleep apnea) 2012 from the Directorate General of Health.
Head of Psychiatry Department and Sleep Medicine Center in the Hospital CUF Porto since 2011.
President of the Portuguese Sleep Association during 2008/2013. Member of the EU Committee of the European Sleep Research Society since 2012-2016. Board Member of ESRS 2014-2016. Member of the Executive Committee of Assembly of National Sleep Societies (EC-ANSS) 2012-2016. Member of the Sleep Medicine Committee of ESRS since 2017.
Main organizer and teacher in post-graduate sleep medicine courses for general practitioners, medical specialists, nurses and pharmacists since 1996. Member of the Organizing Committee in various national and international congresses and invited speaker in multiple scientific events. Various published paper in the Sleep Medicine field.

My Sessions

Late in life: Risks, preservation and quality

Panel discussion