Richard Staats


Richard Staats is a Medical doctor specialized in Internal Medicin and Pneumology
2016: Associated editor at the Portuguese Journal of Pulmonology;
2015: Subspecialisation in Sleep Medicine by the Portuguese Medical Board
2013: Expert Somnologist of the European Sleep Research Society;
2011: Head of the European Sleep Apnea Database (ESADA) project in Lisbon/Portugal;
2008: Lecturer at Lisbon Faculty of Medicine;
2006: Specialist of Pneumology;
2006: Subspecialisation in Sleep Medicine by the German Medical Board;
2005: Somnologist by the German Association of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine;
2004: Specialist of Internal Medicine.
19 publications in PubMed, 6 books/book chapters, Editor of 2 books. > 50 international communications.

My Sessions

Do female and male clocks tick differently?

Keynote speaker: Till Roenneberg (Germany)