Rosalia Silvestri

Università degli Studi di Messina, Messina – Italy

Dr. Silvestri is a specialist in Neurology and Pediatrics and is currently affiliated with the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of Messina University as an associate Professor of Neurology. She is the Director of the Sleep Medicine Center of the University Hospital in Messina, AOU "G. Martino".
Dr. Silvestri is also Chair of the "Sleep and Women" Committee pertaining to the Italian Association of Sleep Medicine(AIMS), since 2006. She has recently edited an informational pamphlet addressed to pregnant women and their gynecologists on sleep disorders in pregnancy. With the latter Committee she is currently participating in the production of guidelines on the treatment of menopause related sleep disorders.
Furthermore, Dr. Silvestri has published extensively on pediatric sleep medicine, parasomnia and epilepsy and sleep related movement disorders.
She has also authored multiple chapters and four books regarding specific aspects of adult and pediatric sleep medicine.