Teresa Rebelo Pinto

CENC – Center of Sleep Medicine – Portugal

Teresa Rebelo Pinto, graduated in Psychology with an integrated Master degree in Educational Psychology (2010). Post graduated in Sleep Sciences at the Lisbon University - Faculty of Medicine (2011).Tittle of Somnologist from the European Sleep Research Society (2016).
She works at CENC - Lisbon Sleep Medicine Center since 2007, first as a trainee and now as a psychologist and somnologist.
As part of the sleep psychology team, she works with all age groups, especially children, adolescents and families. The interventions in sleep disorders include psychotherapy, sleep education, strategies to change dysfunctional beliefs/behaviour and increasing treatment adherence.
For 6 years she integrate the coordinating team of the Sleep-Schools Project, a sleep education initiative that reached thousands of children, adolescents, families, teachers and health care practitioners at a national level. She continues to promote sleep literacy in different contexts, from companies to schools or cultural organizations.
She has been participating in several national and international meetings and publications, either as a first author or in collaboration.