Tiina Paunio

University of Helsinqui - Finland

Dr Paunio obtained her doctor’s degree in Medicine in 1993 and PhD degree in 1995 from UH and did her post-doctoral studies during 1996-1998 in Paris at LGN/CNRS. She worked as a project coordinator for an international collaboration on schizophrenia during 1998-2002, after which she established her own research group "Sleep and Mood" at THL in 2002 (since 2014 with double affiliation at THL/UH). She got her specialist degree in Psychiatry in 2007.
The research interest of Dr Paunio’s research group is focused on etiology and epidemiology of mood disorders and sleep disturbance, and their therapeutic interventions. The group studies relationship of disturbed sleep and mood at epidemiological level, the effect of genetic and environmental factors on regulation of sleep and emotions, and their interplay at molecular level via epigenetic mechanisms. In addition to the genetic and epidemiological research, Dr Paunio is involved in clinical research on sleep and stress related disorders. Her reasearch has been driven by the basic idea that only by understanding the basic mechanisms and inter-individual variation behind the reactivity of these mechanisms one can develop targeted, individualized tools to ameliorate sleep- and stress-related disturbances.
Dr Paunio has supervised and examined a number of doctoral theses in Finland and other European countries. Currently, she is vice president (clinical) for the European Sleep Research Society, leader of the ESRS Sleep examination Subcommittee, and deputy editor of Journal of Sleep Research.

My Sessions

Sleep, genes and depression in women

Keynote speaker: Tiina Paunio (Finland)
Chairperson: Margarida Gaspar de Matos (Portugal)